Eye Cleansing (Chakshu Dhauti)

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We brush our teeth, wash our body and hair, but rarely if ever, clean and nourish our eyes. Eye Cleansing (Chakshu Dhauti) is part of the Ayurvedic Morning Routine (Dinacharya). It is easy to do, and can bring much relief to strained or inflammed eyes.

How To Do Eye Cleansing:

What you will need:

  • An eye Cup ( looks like a small shot glass, could possibly use a shot glass?)
  • Rose water, use only high quality
  • A container to mix equal amounts Rose Water amd Warm Water – this is going in your eyes, so body temperature is perfect – not hot!


  1. Fill the eye cup with Rose Water-Warm Water solution
  2. Bend head forward and place eye cup over eye
  3. Tip your head back and look into the cup, blinking a few times
  4. Bend forward again, and remove cup
  5. Repeat on other side.

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“Eye washes are also beneficial for the prevention and treatment of glaucoma conjunctivitis and eyelid infections”, Dr. Marc Halpern.

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