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We draw on Ayurveda's ancient nature-based practices to stay present and live healthy and joyful lives

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I invite you on a journey of self-discovery and healing that will have you thrive as a whole integrated being – flexible in body and mind, standing in your power, and sharing your gifts from a place of inner alignment, strength, and calm.

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Getting Started with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a science of self-healing that offers daily habits and lifestyle practices to support living in harmony body, mind and spirit. These practices are implemented over time and will start to shift your life. See which of the profiles that best describes you below and take the challenge to begin the journey toward better health & healing today!


Smooth Flow

Does scattered thinking interfere with your goals in life?

Do you struggle with what to eat as most things causes bloat?

Are you hunched over in pain because of cramps before your periods?

These are strong signs that your bodymind is off balance. Ayurveda is a science of self-healing and specializes in resetting and restoring balance to digestion which help clear toxins from the body, clear congested channels and calm the mind. I invite you to take the first step toward better digestion.

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Cool & Calm

Are you finding yourself roaming around at 2 AM not able to sleep?

Are you constantly taking clothes off to try and cool down?

Do you feel wound up and depleted?

These are typical though not “normal” signs of hormonal changes seen leading up to menopause. Ayurveda offers tools to bring about balance by resetting digestion, clear any toxic build-up, and nourish with the right foods and herbs. I invite you to take the first step in hormonal balance.

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Light my fire!

Does your life feel stagnant and boring?

Do you crave to explore new passions and adventure?

Do you eat to comfort yourself?

It sounds like you are moving through midlife which often involves friction as a new you is trying to emerge and the same old ways of doing things just aren’t cutting it. Ayurveda beautifully and very effectively understands how to support this process by shedding the “old”, allowing for the free flow of energy, and with it, renewed passion for life. I invite you to take the first step toward a juicer life.

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Lighter Brighter

Do your clothes fit a little snug?

Does your digestion feel sluggish?

Do you feel low energy?

It sounds like you could use a digestive reset? This is Ayurveda’s specialty. Our digestive capacity gets impaired by the wrong foods, eaten at the wrong time, and too little or too much of it, and stress. I invite you to get back on track.

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