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In addition to working with individuals, I find great joy in working with groups when they gather on Maui for a retreat. People love to get insight into their Ayurvedic constitution and learn about which foods and herbs to eat for balance, and it’s always a “hit” getting participants engaged with daily self-care and natural beauty practices.

My expertise is in Ayurvedic daily self-care and nurture, seasonal and constitutional eating, yoga nidra (guided meditation), Qigong and breathwork. I’ve built many beautiful relationships this way and continue to work with the same retreat leaders for their yearly events. 

I’d be delighted with the opportunity to contribute at your next event.

Some successful topics to choose from:

Intro to ayurveda

The Science of Self-Healing

(2-hour workshop)

Ayurveda is India’s traditional healing system and comes out of the ancient Vedic texts. Ayurveda gives us tools, really a manual, for how to live in this mindbody organism healthfully. In this workshop, we will go over the foundational principles of Ayurveda including the 5-element theory, how the elements make up and influence the individual and which tendencies each constitution has. Learn how to stay balanced and how to prevent disease.

Self-care Rituals

Daily Routine or Dinacharya

(3-hour workshop)

Ayurveda recommends a set of daily morning rituals to cleans and clear the body-mind organism to prepare us for the day ahead, and when practiced regularly creates a container for vibrant health. This routine of self-care rituals includes proper sleep cycles, elimination, cleansing the sensory organs, self-massage, breath practice and yoga asana. In this class we’ll go over the various components and talk about how to modify them according to your unique constitution to restore or optimize health.

Self-Care and Ritual

Abhyanga or Self-Massage

(1.5-hour workshop)

Ayurvedic Medicine has a long tradition of using Massage Therapy to restore health and to support longevity. Ayurveda has refined massage therapy into an art and is known for its exquisite and powerfully effective herbalized oils. In this class, we’ll go over the daily practice of self-massage or self-abhyanga, when and how to do it and its benefits that go well beyond the physical. You’ll come away with a life-transforming practice that is considered an act of self-love and powerfully healing, and you’ll understand which oils and herbs to use to balance your unique body-mind constitution.

Ayurvedic Nutrition

The Sacred Act of Eating and Which Foods to Eat for Your Bodytype?

(2-hour workshop)

Ayurveda is a science of self-awareness and self-healing. Empowered with the understanding of your unique constitutional or elemental make-up, we can determine which foods are best suited for you to prevent imbalances and optimize for a long healthy life based on the 5-element theory. We will explore The Six Tastes, food energetics, seasonal eating, and discuss the up-and downsides of various trendy diets. Discover in this workshop, the importance of not only what we eat but also how our environment and habits around eating affects digestion. This is will be an interactive workshop so bring your questions.

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Ayurvedic Herbology

(1.5-hour workshop)

Ayurveda approaches herbs through their elemental and energetic make-up. In this class, you’ll learn about several powerful Ayurvedic herbs and when- and how to use them including tasty and nourishing recipes. You’ll gain insight into your own Ayurvedic constitution and learn how to choose herbs based on your unique condition. We’ll talk about herbs for women’s health, an overactive mind, and to support meditation practice.  

"It was effortless and balancing to collaborate and share a retreat space with Lala."

—Corrin Vecchitto, Master Sattva Yoga Teacher

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