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or Olena as this revered ginger family rhizome is called in Hawaiian.

Some was just dug up at Hale Akua and I was quick to get a nice supply, nothing like fresh turmeric!.

The plant is beautiful, the aerial part vibrant green with an eventual classic ginger flower, and the rhizome orange and firm. Take careful in using the fresh root – it stains dramatically!

Turmeric is one of the most research plant medicines and has a long list of medicinal properties. In India many dishes are flavored with turmeric and is drunk as tea throughout Asia – used as dye or applied externally for skin conditions.

Karta Purkh Khalsa, my herb teacher, has made me aware that turmeric is relatively mild and need to be taken in high doses for acute conditions, but as a preventive 1 tsp. daily works. This dose can easily be added to food or taken as tea.

Turmeric is superior in treating inflammatory conditions, used in: oral health, for liver inflammtion (the liver tends to overheat), arthiritic conditions; builds immunity, a potent antioxidant, and with its mildly warming energetics supports healthy digestion – the list continues.

I regularly use either fresh or powdered turmeric in cooking, but have also experimented with it creating: body scrub with Powdered Turmeric, Sea Salt and Olive Oil (it stains the skin for a few days), but complements my olive skin : ) I scrub it all over my body, then washed off the salt, and wipe off any excess oil (again, it will stain your clothes!).

Also, I have made a mouth/throat gargle using Powdered Turmeric, Water and a pinch of Salt – it is great in tightening up tissue due to its astringent properties, treating canker sores etc.

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