Meditation - A gift!

Posted by Lala Naidu on

As I am writing this morning, I feel the aliveness vibrating through my fingers.

It seems to be a transitory time, seasonally too, but also on a more personal level; doors are closing and lots new opening up, at times it feels a bit overwhelming, but only when I loose grounding and forget my real Nature and start identifying with thoughts — It is amazing how many stories we tell ourselves – simultaneously, coming up with different scenarios, often filled with negativity and unsupportive of Self.

Yesterday when I felt bombarded with thoughts , I naturally pulled out the tools I learned in Vippassana, and instead of getting caught in the mind-stuff, I sat in meditation.

Quietly I sat, observing, watching breath, the thoughts coming and going. In waves, the mind would get busy, almost panicky, coming up with all kinds of tricks to lure me in, but I just sat, and watched the show…until it calmed.

After 1 hour I felt grounded in my body; finished with a chakra balancing, and was able to enjoy/digest dinner and was able to hold space for a friend.

Meditation Mindfulness

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