Marma Chiktsa

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Last week, I returned to Maui after participating in summer courses at the Ayurvedic Institute in NM. One week’s topic was Marma Chiktsa, the ancient Indian form of massage, which uses points similar to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The hands-on practice was a nice break from the many days of note-taking. I have a notebook full of data that needs processing – Yikes! ; )

We learned many points and massage techniques to release mental/emotional blockages. The goal is to have the prana/qi flow as freely as possible throughout the body so that all systems can function optimally.

It is a very powerful practice and many emotions arose as we were praciting on each other – it was powerful! We also learned how to utilize crystals for chakra balancing and vibrational therapy. I am excited to be incorporating these new techniques into my massage practice.

Thank you to the Ayurveda Institute and my many new friends for ‘holding space’

~ Namaste.

Ayurveda Massage Therapy

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