Where you go, there You are!

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When things don’t agree with me, I want to escape…

My favorite way of escaping is to go travel, this way I don’t have to deal with the unpleasant situation anymore, or do I? I am coming to understand that the karma that needs to be done, doesn’t care in which country I reside.

Being on Maui with her gentle nurturing is allowing me to see things clearly. I am becoming aware of old patterns, and how they no longer serve me, but boy are some of them hard to break away from – like traveling.

I am not by any means saying that there is anything wrong with traveling, it can be amazing! – out there exploring new territory, adventures, peoples, foods, cultures, but traveling as an escape doesn’t serve ones highest good. I know, I have been doing it since my late teens..

I feel at home on the islands, I am in many ways living the life of my dreams, but what is that subtle lack of contentment then about, I feel it…Is it just a matter of practicing more meditation and yoga – will that calm my spirit? After being here for close to 2 years I am again dreaming about traveling, leaving the islands, to go spend time with my family in Denmark and work in Italy. I have always been drawn to the simplicity and refinement of Italy and its people.

What I am noticing now is that, when something comes up that bothers me I think, it’s okay, I am leaving soon anyway – and that is not a healthy perspective – it is too easy – a way out – escaping, not dealing with, and not looking at one self.

I don’t want to ‘run away’ anymore, but I feel like there are more for me out there. Hehe...interesting thought.

Nothing exists out there.

All the answers are within ~

Meditation Mindfulness

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