Herbal Massage Oil

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I prefer making my own Massage Oils both for clients and myself. This way like with home-made meals, I can control the use of ingredients and create exactly the scent/flavor I like.

I first make a 2 week extraction in Olive Oil using fresh Rosemary, Clove, Black Pepper and Sage. There is no exact measurements, but just 1 tsp. of each Clove and Black Pepper will do.

Fresh Herb Oil Extraction Method:
1. Place fresh, but dry Herbs in a quart sized jar (have the herbs dry to diminish mold formation)
2. Pour in Olive Oil to cover Herbs and tighten lid
3. Shake jar every day for the next 2 weeks
4. Strain the Oil; discarding the marc (the left over herbs).

Massage Oil Recipe:
In a separate smaller dark colored jar, I combined following Essential Oils:

26 drops Peppermint
13 drops Eucalyptus
26 drops Rosemary
13 drops Clove
26 drops Black Pepper

1. Shake the bottle to first combine the Essential Oils
2. Add 4 oz. of the extracted Olive Oil. Shake again

A preservative like Benzoin or Vitamin E could be added.

This oil blend is particularly effective in soothing joint and muscle pain on specific areas. For a full-body massage oil, I would use a more dilute version, adding an additional 2 oz. of Jojoba or Almond Oil.

Herbal medicine Massage

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