Food - A Celebration!

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Feeling these strong surges of energy moving through my body this morning, energy has been freed-up through letting go of old beliefs, concepts and ideas. The Universe is benevolent and provides us with exactly what we need at this current time to learn and grow.

I am shedding ideas about foods, feeling so much more laxed about it. It is really quite simple in essence – Eat close to the Source: Vegetables, grains (mostly non-grain grains, like: teff, quinoa, amaranth etc), some fruits, essential fats and high quality animal protein if that resonates with you.

This morning, savoring every mouthful of breakfast, (steamed broccoli and tofu on a bed of watercress and fresh herbs, drizzled with flax oil and sprinkled liberally w/ dried herbs, nutritional yeast, dulse and cayenne – Oh Yeah! So Yummie!, I was feeeling so celebratory about the taking in of foods – all these great colors and textures, tastes and feelings – experienced – Wow! Eating is a Celebration! A Celebration that we are Alive! — We get to Eat!

We in the West, have developed so many hang-ups, rules and measurements about eating, and what constitutes sound nutrsition. Like many other things, we complicate a simple act; another thing for the mind to get tangled up in. Get out! Let yourself be Free! Let go of the concepts, ideas and structures.

Practice listening to your body…It will guide you! Is it okay to tofu, chocolate cake, nutritional yeast, bread? Who knows?! – but, You my Dear. Maybe that is challenging to connect to at this moment, but that is the goal. Exercise listening to the Inner Knowing. It is so freeing.

Let’s bring back the Celebration of Sharing Food with one each other. When we share in food growing, harvesting, preparing and consuming we develope reverence, appreciation and connect with Love.

Love for all things.

In Love, Lala


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