Healing with Colors

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For each constitutional type, certain colors are calming and balancing while others are aggravating.

According to your predominant nature (prakruti) or current imbalance (vikruti) use the guidelines below to incorporate more or less of certain colors.

Vata – Individuals with elevated vata should minimize the use of dark and cooling colors such as blues, browns, and black. On the other hand, very hot, vivid colors may be overstimulating to vata, which has the tendency toward being hyperactive. Best suited colors are warm pastels, sunny yellows, and green, with some warming red and orange.

Pitta – Cool, soft colors are the best to balance pitta types. Blues and purples/violets are excellent, along with silver (including silver jewelry) and blue-greens. Avoid reds and oranges, which can inflame pitta dosha, and limit yellow and gold. Avoid black.

Kapha – Kapha types have a tendency towards lethargy and mental and physical heaviness, therefore, therefore, to counter bright, lively, bold colors are good such as red, yellow, orange, and gold.


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