Honoring Your Unique Gifts

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We each poses unique gifts to bring to the world.

Unfortunately, conventional schooling often don't help us in the process to explore what those gifts might be. Well-meaning parents and peers condition our ways of thinking and behaving, often influenced by fear, and influenced by collective patterning and economics, contributing too a great likelihood of ending up pursuing a career that doesn't really meet our needs nor our true heart's desire and we end up confused and unfulfilled. 

Who knew? You can actual enjoy what you do for work, so it doesn’t feel like work at all, but a place where you get to share and express your unique gifts and talents. Work then becomes a joy-filled experience that you feel naturally motivated for and you feel on purpose and satisfied in your genuine contribution.

Something that helped me, was tuning into the activities I enjoyed as child. Then too, I was very creative – working with shapes, colors, presentation, and always loved being in Nature. Some of my most favorite memories are: cruising around on my little yellow bike and gather plant material, tend to my herb plant box, and helping my grandparents dig up potatoes, cut lettuces and pick berries.

…so what I did, was to invite in more of those activities into my adult life: More play, more time in Nature, working with Plants, Drawing, Painting etc.

Too, it appears the Universe support us when we pursue our natural talents – so Go for it!


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