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“Beauty is contingent upon radiant health, and radiant health creates the ability to exude bliss. This is how the knowledge of ayurvedic dermatology can contribute to a beautiful world”. ~ Dr. Rama Mishra

The first pillar of beauty roopam refers to outer beauty, seen in glowing skin and hair and good hygiene, this is where most beauticians stop. Roopam is divided into two categories “close-up” beauty and “beauty seen from far away”. The ayurvedic physician addresses close-up beauty by applying topical herbal combinations mixed with rose water or essential oils. These herbs are combined to help balance a person’s unique skin type. Also, good nutrition is essential to nourish the body and cells and is vital for beauty with foods like nourishing proteins, cooked bitter greens, green leafy veggies and herbs, nuts and seasonal fruits.

The second part of roopam is concerned with the kind of beauty that makes a person stand out in a crowd. “These people have a real aura, which is created by their inner health,” Mishra says. This type of beauty can result from the digestion of certain herbs, which helps balance a person’s body constitution.

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