Turmeric's important Companion -

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My friend Todd brought it to my attention, how pairing Turmeric with Black Pepper increases its absorption. Bio-availability, the degree to which a substance is absorbed by the target tissue is crucial in reference to herbal medicine/foods.

In India, turmeric is the king of herbal medicine, and one of my absolute personal favorites in both taste and benefits. I consume turmeric daily in various various ways: powdered in curry, as a condiment, in golden milk at night or fresh root finely chopped or slivered in salads, stir-fry’s etc. Now, with this new info, I need to make sure that I add in some Black Pepper.

Too, the popular Turmeric & Ginger tea/stock I share with clients and in classes, I will also have to modify based on this new info. The ratio is 1/16 of Black Pepper to Turmeric – so not much.

Anti-Inflammatory Ayurveda Herbal Medicine

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