Ways to use Lemons and Limes

Posted by Lala Naidu on

Lemons & limes are medicine foods and very versatile. Adding zing and zest to recipes.

The sour taste of lemons and limes benefit the liver and aids digestion, and has a overall cleansing effect on the body – with compounds called bioflavonoids that support the body's immunity.

5 Ways to use Lemons & Limes

  1. Citrus zest is often my secret ingredient in cooking, sprinkled on steamed vegetables, soups and stews, or added to salad dressings.
  2. Warm water with added lemon juice first thing in the morning helps cleanse body & mind
  3. Make a refreshing Lemon-Aid with: 1/4 cup lemon juice, 2 cups filtered water and 8 drops of liquid stevia
  4. Add citrus zest to baked goods like gluten-free muffins, banana bread or pumpkin bread and corn bread
  5. After squeezing the juice out of a cut lemon, sprinkle with baking soda and salt – use to clean tarnished pots and silverware

    I hope you found this helpful!


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