The King of Fruit

Posted by Lala Naidu on

The Voluptuous bright orange-fleshed Mangos I receive from my friend Raju is a Blessing indeed. The multi-coloured skin is a piece of art that continues to change as the fruit ripens. Almost too beautiful to eat – almost…I careful peel them with a sharp knife leaving as much succulent edible fruit as possible, not wanting to waste a precious bite.

I love passing out fruit. It is so simple, and spreads so much joy! It brings out my playful side and seeing peoples smiles is sure to uplift my spirit. Yesterday, after visiting Raju, I passed a mango on to a guy filling up his car at the gas station and one to the lady at the counter, and today Sindhu, Shiva and the volunteers will enjoy their sweetness too.

Biting into one of these mangos especially, that have been allowed to fully ripen on the tree and full of mana (life force), you truely feel how plants capture the Sun energy – with its sweet juice and velvet like texture it is like taking a bite of Sunshine.

Fruits Nutrtion

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