Restoring Balance

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A few months back I started a new gig, working full time as a private chef – It is an incredible blessing and I am fully enjoying the experience. The new schedule and focus, along with the season moving from fall to winter (Maui winter ; ) has thrown my rhythm off. Usually, I pull out the wonderful tools of Ayurveda to smoothen the seasonal transition a little earlier…

Winter is the season of Vata with the qualities of: cold, light, mobile, rough and dry. Vata is the dosha most easily disturbed, a well-established daily routine helps keep Vata in check. When Vata is imbalanced, it can disturb digestion/elimination, mind activity, restlessness, sleep etc.

Me TreeThe qualities to calm and ground Vata, as they are opposite to the dosha, are Oil and Heat. During winter and any time Vata is disturbed: Warm baths, oil massage, nourishing soups, porridge, stews etc. will serve your body/mind well. Too, performing daily activities around the same time further regulates Vata: Meditating, Abhyanga, Cleansing Practices, Bathe, Exercise, Work, Rest etc.

My new modified routine, I wrote on a piece of paper and taped it in a place where I see it regularly. Writing it down, sets the intention deeper, and the daily reminder helps me focus.

The body/mind is aligned with Nature’s cycle – straying too far off, creates disturbances and disease.

Check in with your self – How are you feeling? Digestion? Mind activity? This will give you information of areas that need attention.

Love Always, Lala


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