Making Fresh Coconut Milk

Posted by Lala Naidu on

Yay – Yay – extra Yay! It is so easy and out-of-this-world delicious to make your own Coconut Milk, granted you have access to fresh coconuts, made with young green coconuts that contain mostly water. You will feel the surge of electrolytes hydrating your body!

I do also use the older more meaty nut. I cut opent he top of the nut with a machete, drain the water, whereafter the nut is split in half and the meat scrapped out; it can be quite challenging but part of the fun! Usually I use an old butter knife. I cut up the pieces and place them in a Vitamix blender and top with water; the amount of water will depend on the your desired consistency – more water if you want a more liquidity finished product.

After blending well, I strain the matter through a nutmilk bag (great investment, you can also use cheese cloth) – and Voila! you have fresh coconut milk to use as is, in smoothies, curries, desserts etc.

I have yet to do it, but the left over meat could be used for raw coconut macroons.

Variations: Vanilla can be added or I like to add ginger for a little zing.

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