Free Flow of Energy

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Boy do we get stuck in our minds! Thought forms take up so much room, hindering the allowing of simply Being. We take ourselves and things in our Life so very seriously. All, self created.

Life, this energy, is just expressing itself through us – an unfoldment. The more we can rest and relax into this, we find ease. By allowing things to be as they are, we are freed from suffering in resisting what is.

Freedom is experienced in the free flow of Life energy or prana.

The thoughts, and not only ours, but collective thinking too, patterns and conditions weigh us down, stagnates, and creates road blocks for the energy to move freely…

Keeping the channels clear and open is very helpful in this allowing. Breath practice is a wonderful tool to increase the intake and uptake of prana/Qi. Simple deep belly breathing connects us deeper to the lower chakras, assisting in getting rid of the ‘gunk’, bringing in life force, energy, light, and being open and accepting to the blessings of this moment.

Here's an easy breath awareness practice I use daily to soften the mind and become more present to body sensations:

  • Connect to and become aware of your breath
  • Breathe slowly and deeply in and out through your nose to a count of 5, allowing your belly to rise as you inhale, and gently contract as you exhale to a count of 5. Do this for several minutes and feel everything soften
This way of breathing engages the parasympathetic nervous system, from where we feel more centered and at ease.
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