Why can't I loose weight

Posted by Lala Naidu on

Oh please, not a new diet program!

The amount of health information is overwhelming and yet our health as a nation appears to continually decline. What is the disconnect? Why are we not applying all the great tips and "health hacks" we read, hear and see in media. I've always found it fascinating what motivates people, and what keeps people from taking action, on improving their health. Samskaras or conditioned patterns perhaps?

Most of the women I support with nutrition and healthy weight, know the right things to do. Therefore, giving them a new diet to follow or sharing with them about the benefits of exercise is not the solution. We have to dig a bit deeper and get to the core of why they are not implementing the healthier habits that would have feeling more well in their bodies.

For example, we have to look at what the extra weight represent or protects us from - perhaps abuse, poor self esteem and self-worth, chronic stress, or the lack of love. The questions are usually found in the subconscious parts of our being. To tune into that, we must learn to and have the courage to listen. Deep slow diaphragmatic breathing can put us in touch with and begin to unwind those often shut away hidden parts, as well as hypnosis, meditation or journaling.

My point, the solution is not a new diet. It's learning to listen and become still within.

May all beings experience ease in body and mind. Be well.

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