Toasting and Grinding Grains

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Toasted grains turn nutty and delicious.

Toasting grains on low to medium heat until golden brown enhances their flavor. Lovely Linda, my friend, turned me onto toasting sweet rice before grinding it with added water for breakfast porridge. Yum! with a tablespoon of Cashew butter or Tahini – Oh My!

Also, I toast grains before grinding them up to make flour for breads. I like knowing what is in the food I eat, by grinding and mixing my own flour, I have more control of the quality and freshness of the flour. Grinding small batches of flour and keeping it in Ziplock in the freezer eliminates any chances of rancidity – ensuring the freshest most tastiest end result, and it is easy!

I am spontaneous in the kitchen, and will use whatever grains I have on hand, though usually a mix of Sprouted Brown Rice, Quinoa and Steel Cut Oats.

Toasted and Ground Grains become Flour:

  1. Place grains in a large pan and turn on low heat and gentle toast until golden brown. You have to pay close attention, all of sudden they are golden and ready
  2. Turn the heat off and pull the pan off the stovetop and leave the grains to cool
  3. Once cooled, grind by pulsing in a high powered blender like Vitamix or Magic Bullet.
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