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Pitta can be an asset: Physically, pitta creates strong digestive fire, warmth and vitality. Mentally, people with predominant pitta constitutions are intelligent, organized, industrious, and efficient. But to their detriment, pitta-dominant people can also get overheated, sweat readily, and get irritable when hungry or frustrated. They tend to work long hours, push themselves hard, and often have perfectionist, critical temperaments. This intense state of mind creates more energetic “heat” on top of an already hot physical system.

Although pitta predominant people have a greater disposition for imbalance all doshic types can experience excess pitta and get overheated from excess stress, hot chilies, summer sun leading to possible inflammation, headaches, skin rashes, allergies, high blood pressure, or liver congestion.

Here are some general diet and lifestyle habits to keep pitta in check:

  • Eat food that is cool, dry, light, sweet, and bitter: beans, green vegetables (especially bitter salad greens and cabbage family), sweet fruits, whole grains (especially oats and barley), and fresh dairy (in moderation). Strong pitta digestion can handle large amounts of raw food, which is cooling and balancing for excess heat.

  • Limit heating foods and tastes: oil, salt, hot spices, fermented food (alcohol, vinegar), tomatoes, egg yolks, coffee, and red meat, as well as refined flour and sugar.

  • Chill out! Take a break from mental work and stretch, breathe, walk, or create. Practicing yoga, swimming in a cool lake, spending a day in the mountains, singing in a choir, gardening and crafts are all great ways to shift your mind to a more relaxed, open place.

  • Exercise regularly at a moderate intensity. Avoid being super competitive and stop before exhausting yourself.

  • Use art, movement, and speaking to express yourself. Pitta intensity needs an outlet.

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