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The picture says it all! The vibrancy of the juice color jumps out of the photo!

Tangelo JuiceIn the winter months in Maui, citrus fruits are abundant: from sweet to sour tangelos, pomelos, wonderful varieties of lemons: variegated, Meyer’s; Key lime, Tahitian lime, Kaffir lime; Navel oranges…on and on.

My dear friend Linda who care takes a citrus orchard turned me on to an inexpensive electrical citrus juicer from Black and Decker. The juicer not only saves your hands, the best part – it is so easy to clean.

We use lemon and lime juice for so many things: as a morning elixir with warm water and honey, added to drinking water/green drink, in salad dressings, fruit salads etc. To avoid the bounty of fruits going bad, I juice a bunch at peek ripeness and store in smaller containers in the freezer, ice cube trays works well for this – to then transfer into ziplock bags for future use.

Tangelo juice is just outrageously delicious – sweet and nourishing…just a few ounces, as it is high in sugar – great before, during or after a workout.

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