Āyurvedic Nutritional Consult

Āyurvedic Nutritional Consult

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Everyone has a unique bodymind constitution with their tendencies for health and imbalance and therefore requires a uniquely tailored diet. Based on nature, Ayurveda offers a refined and logical understanding of how to eat for healthy living and longevity. We will assess current eating habits, and see how through proper wholesome nutrition we may improve key areas of health including digestion, elimination, energy, and rest.

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What we eat becomes us

Our daily food choices impact the way we look, feel, think and behave. If our desire is to feel flexible in body and mind, with vibrant abundant energy then, the foods we consume need to reflect this. Ayurveda is a nature-based system of healing that teaches us to eat, not according to trends, but to our elemental constitution for health and as disease prevention. Fresh, seasonal foods, prepared according to our doshic type with love and attention is optimal.

To make these healthy choices, we have to become aware of our conditioned habits and patterns around eating. Ayurveda has very helpful tools to heighten this awareness so we can re-establish or perhaps establish for the first time, a healthy relationship to foods and our bodies.

Areas of health that are likely to improve

• Improved Digestion – less bloat, gas and feeling tired after eating. Healthy regular bowel movements
• Increase in Energy – with improved digestion and wastes released energy is freed up
• Restful Sleep – eating according to the Circadian Rhythm and the right nutrients supports restful sleep

Foods are alive and fun, and it behooves us to approach them in this way, steering away from rigid eating plans. Instead, learn to eat foods in season – that are fresh and full of nutrition, and satisfy the body deeply, eliminating unhealthy cravings.