Organizing Spices + Pantry

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As we cleanse our bodies and prepare for Winter, it is nice to also go through your pantry and spices to give back to the Earth what has expired and stock up on items to use in heartier dishes.

This can be a fun creative project!

Use a label maker for bulk items stored in glass jars like various Grains, Pulses, Teas etc., and for smaller spice shakers use adhesive labels (found at OfficeMax). I hand write the content, but these labels can also be put through a printer.

It is a good idea to date bulk items. Store flours in the freezer in freezer zip lock bags and date with a sharpie; grains and pulses if not used often can be stored this way too.

The cooler weather has come to Maui along with shorter days, bringing with it the natural desire for more warming nourishing foods and spices. This is a good time to start making: Turmeric & Ginger Tea, Khichari, Dahl, Oatmeal, Sweet Rice Porridge, Soba Noodle dishes, and in general eat a little heartier…

Enjoy and make good use of the more inward reflective time of Autumn and Winter!

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