Ulu Hawaiian Breadfruit

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Ulu also known as breadfruit is in season in Hawaii. Beautiful round canon-ball-looking fruits hang heavy from the trees.

My first, this season was at our Thanksgiving potluck; baked in the oven, very similar to a potato (though more starchy) dressed in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.

The appearance of the fruit is just fascinating from large oblong to round, from a few to several pounds with lizard looking skin, with a large seed. When still green breadfruit is harder and can be cut into chunks, and when ripe the consistency is more like pudding.

I make a decadent alternative to ice cream or other milk-based puddings. I allow the picked breadfruit to ferment, I then cut it open and scoop out the insides and blend that sweet gooey substance with fresh-squeezed orange juice, apple bananas (a smaller sweeter variety), vanilla extract, cinnamon powder, a pinch of sea salt and place that in a container and leave it the freezer for a bit depending on desired consistency. The result is a rich creamy pudding. So satisfying!

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