Letting go of fear

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Mmmm…It is great being back on Maui, enjoying the cooler weather. My morning walks in the forest are more invigorating with the lower temperatures and damp air…

In the last month, one of the intentions that I am working with during Yoga Nidra is letting go of fear-based structures that are holding me back from Life effortlessly flowing through me, not allowing the full expansion of “my” Soul’s expression.

In the forest, I challenge myself, balancing on fallen logs, varying my tempo and hanging from tree branches. There is a thick tree that has fallen over, but is being held suspended in the top end by other trees, and now provides an excellent challenge, at the end it is 8ft. off the ground. I have ventured out on the log a few times before, and half way through being grabbed by anxiety about falling…This morning, with my intention of letting go of fear-based structure having penetrated my being and staying connected with my breath, I walked easily from the bottom ground to the top. Hurray!

Yoga Nidra is a powerful guide meditation practice, where you enter subtle brainwave states; here the body/mind organism fully relaxes. And in this space, connected to our true essence, with effortless easy, and clear intention, unsupportive thought patterns dissolve…

I am in the process of recording a few guided meditations to download for free, but until then, I encourage you to have a yoga nidra experience via YouTube, look up “yoga nidra amrit”, Amrit Desai and his daughter Kamini are powerful.

Meditation Mindfulness

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