Change in Attitude

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After returning from New Mexico back from Maui, I found myself for days feeling unsettled. I was missing being in the presence of Dr. Vasant Lad, the structure, the like-minded students, the Ayurvedic wisdom teaching and was feeling some withdrawal. The negative emotions were overwhelming and disturbed my peace.

In retrospect, I am noticing a pattern. I am used to content most of the time and in general am blessed with a positive disposition, and when I don’t feel great, instead of embracing those feelings and the present moment, I resist it. Instead of allowing the feelings to be there and move through, I analyze and try to figure out "how to fix it".

As it is when you're confused, I was in my head. I could observe it, but could not seem to break the pattern. A few days passed and I decided to reach out to a wise elder friend. I called up my dear friend RJ who is in his mid 80’s.

I told him about the way I was feeling, his response, very simple, expressed with a bit of a stern tone was: ”Change Your Attitude”. When we feel depressed, we start waddling in our own sorrows…the thoughts are often all about ‘I’/’me:

"I am not feeling great"…"I should be feeling"…"Why am I not feeling" etc.

– All self-identified my dear friend pointed out, based in ego, step out of the persona.

The remedy for me, was to step out of ‘myself’ and go deeper within to connect to the deeper aspects of my being.. I just needed that clear seeing, really a ‘kick in the butt’ – a change in perspective and attitude, thank you RJ.

From one moment to the next, the cloud vanished and the clear blue sky appeared underneath.

Sometimes, the support of friends and spiritual guides is the medicine needed. It is a wonderful blessing that we can be there for each other.

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