Bees are Amazing!

Posted by Lala Naidu on

I have gained a new deep appreciation for the honey bee.

Mid December, a beekeeper came to the property to collect, for the first time, honey from the 6-year-old beehive – The harvest was bountiful! 60 lbs of the most mouthwatering syrupy caramel-colored honey!

I was working at the citrus orchard that day, and missed the great info the beekeeper had shared on bees in general and about the decline in bees with the influence of changing weather patterns, but it was relayed to me that a honey bee in its 4 week lifespan produces 1-2 tsps. of honey, visiting over one thousand flowers in a day – Wild!

I have always thought honey to be exquisite; growing up in the countryside in Denmark, in the Summer, honey would be for sale on roadside stands along the rolling hills - sweet, golden-colored nectar. Now, knowing how hard-working the honey bees are, I am even more appreciative of this delicacy.

I plan on connecting with the beekeeper again to learn more…to bee continued. In the meantime savor your honey and send the industrious little bees your love and appreciation.

I was so honored to bottle one of the 30lbs gallon buckets into smaller jars that we gave away as Christmas gifts and sell to the local community.


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